Novalnet Payment Module - Commerce Kickstart

Name : Novalnet Payment Module - Commerce Kickstart
Overview :
The NOVALNET AG is a leading worldwide payment service provider, provides payment processing around the globe by using a single account for all kinds of necessary payments.
Our goal is, instead of a "one size fits all" product, to provide an individual and all inclusive Service which covers all requirements of your payment department such as Payment processing, Fraud Prevention, Subscription & Member Management, Affiliate System, Collection clearing and Technical department.
This easy to install payment module plugin contains following payment types:
Credit Card 3d and non 3d processing, Online transfer, German direct debit, Austrian direct debit, Prepayment, Invoice receipt, PayPal, iDEAL, Telephone and many other methods of payment.
Please contact us on [email protected] or over our Website if you need further help.
Requirements :
* PHP version > 5.2.0
* Make sure that you have curl installed in your system, if not please install curl, for installation help
please visit "".
If you use Ubuntu or Debian you can try:
sudo apt-get install curl php5-curl php5-mcrypt
apachectl restart (restart Apache server)
* Login to your Shop as admin on Browser:
- go to the payment module section.
- install (or reinstall if already installed) the above mentioned or one of your required payment module, which you want to provide for your shop's customers.
- after installing the module go on the edit mode, and enter the necessary Novalnet Parameters required for the payment.
* Go to your shop and select an article to purchase as a customer.
* You will see your installed payment module(s) in action on the
payment page.
* Before you make your Shop Live for the customers, please make
sure that your payment mode at Novalnet is set to Live Mode.