The MailUp Module for Drupal Commerce

The MailUp Drupal newsletter module developed in partnership with Commerce Guys for Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce is the preferred, built-in newsletter module included in Commerce Kickstart for Drupal Commerce merchants, and is fully maintained by Commerce Guys.

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Key Features of the MailUp Module

- The MailUp module for Drupal Commerce, included in Commerce Kickstart and actively maintained by Commerce Guys, integrates Drupal Commerce with the MailUp email marketing platform via the MailUp REST API.
- Transfer key data from Drupal into MailUp by mapping tokens into MailUp custom fields for better segmentation.
- Provide multiple email subscription options on your online store, for example at checkout. Each email subscription and associated mailing list can be kept fully independent, also in terms of unsubscribes, as a MailUp list.
- Collect additional preferences within lists by displaying additional email subscription options into MailUp groups.
- Keep email preferences synchronized in real-time between Drupal and MailUp.

For more information, visit our [MailUp Drupal User Guide](

Additional MailUp Features for Online Merchants

- Design stunning, responsive emails with the MailUp email editor without any HTML or CSS knowledge
- Send transactional emails using MailUp’s SMTP relay service
- Send SMS text campaigns with MailUp
- And much more!

About MailUp

MailUp is your complete email and SMS delivery solution that combines powerful email marketing tools with SMTP relay and plugins for ecommerce, CRM, and CMS systems.

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