Protect your website with key management

Lockr is an off-site key management service for Drupal allowing you to store API and Encryption keys using the Key module effortlessly.

Lockr is unique in that there are host specific sub-modules that will allow you to bypass manual site identification. When using a partnering host, simply install the module, visit the module settings to register the site to an email and begin setting keys as you normally would through the key module.

Lockr securely stores keys by encrypting the key and leaving behind the key in place of the real key. Your encrypted key is then securely sent to our servers and stored in a FIPS-140-2 compliant key manager. This keeps Lockr from ever knowing or being able to disclose your keys, they are locked away and only you can access them.

On participating hosts, Lockr is also environment aware allowing you to set keys in development and production and migrate your site between without having to reset the key each time. This keeps production data secure in development as only the production keys are given to production environments. It also protects your developers from testing new services and features using your production accounts.