Kameleoon lets you design and run A/B tests without writing a single line of code or modifying your existing code base. Create variations of your website using a simple WYSIWYG interface, then improve conversion rates based on real user data.


Step 1: Get the module

If you've already got kickstart, you'll find that the Kameleoon module is there & ready for you to activate!

  • Activate your module!
  • Go to the site settings > modules menu and search for “Kameleoon”, then check the box to activate the module.

Step 2: Use your free trial

Get Started with the Kameleoon WYSIWYG editor and a 30 days trial!


Check out the Kameleoon Preview:

To illustrate what Kameleoon can do for your site, we have created a screencast so that you can get started as quickly as possible!

Easy to use

No need to burden engineering resources to create webpage versions. Anyone who knows how to use a word processor can do it! Edit wording, swap images, or drag and drop blocks of elements on your website pages — all with Kameleoon's WYSIWYG editor.

Target specific visitor segments

With Kameleoon's advanced targeting features, you can easily target promotional offers to (for example) new visitors, visitors coming from Google, users having visited your website more than 4 times during the day, and so forth.

Get results via your existing analytics tool

After you've created variations, Kameleoon presents them at random, then determines whether that version persuaded a visitor to achieve your goal. Kameleoon also connects with tools such as Jirafe analytics, opening you to new worlds of comparative data analysis.