Human Presence Form Protection

Prevent fraud and spam so you can focus on selling.

Human Presence is a fraud prevention and form protection service that uses multiple overlapping strategies to fight form spam. In the context of Drupal, this includes protecting user registration and login forms, content creation forms, contact forms, and more.

Getting started

Install the Human Presence module using your preferred module installation method. It has no dependencies.

You must register an account before configuring the module. You get a 14-day free trial to ensure the service performs to your satisfaction before paying a starting rate of $4.99 / month for ongoing form protection.

Documentation and support

Refer to the documentation guides linked from the project page on for your particular Drupal version to learn more about configuring and using the module.

Public support requests or issues with the module itself can be reported via the project's issue tracker. For service related questions or issues that cannot be shared publicly, use the purple chat widget in the bottom right corner of this page or email Human Presence directly at [email protected].

Usage of this module with a Human Presence account is subject to their terms of service.