Good Relations for Drupal Commerce ( compatible)

This module adds Good Relations markup on Drupal Commerce product displays, allowing search engines to display Rich Snippets for your products. Read more on how Good Relations can improve the SEO of your e-commerce site.

As of November 8, 2012, GoodRelations is the official e-commerce core for will be one additional syntactical form of using GoodRelations for your site. GoodRelations remains an independent vocabulary. The original namespace of GoodRelations will remain the primary location.

Set up

This module requires no configuration, just enable it and your Drupal Commerce products should show a rich snippet in the Google Rich Snippet testing tool. The following fields are currently automatically supported:
- title
- price
- currency
- ratings (fivestar / voting API)
See example:
This module is standalone and doesn't require or need the module.


For the markup for fivestar to work, make sure you display the fivestar field in your "Full content" view mode in the "Manage display" tab of your product display. Secondly, the widget of the fivestar field has to be "Stars (rated while viewing)" so that viewers can rate the product (as opposed to the site owner making up a rating number).