Drupal Commerce SagePay Integration

SagePay integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system. Supports off site redirect type, server and direct credit card payments for Drupal Commerce.
Developed by i-KOS, and sponsored by Sage Pay.

This Module Replaces:

These modules were previous iterations of this payment gateway, but this project is a consolidated rebuild which has all of the features of the Sage Pay v3 API.

Features Supported

Payment Methods

  • Form (offsite redirect) payment method.
  • Server (iframe) payment method.
  • Direct payment method

Transaction Types

  • Payment
  • PreAuth
  • Void
  • Refund
  • Cancel
  • Repeat
  • Deferred
  • Repeat Deferred
  • Release
  • Abort
  • Authorise

PayPal Integration

Back end PayPal integration via Sage Pay is supported so you can accept payments via Sage Pay without managing a separate PayPal module.


3D Secure is fully supported

Rules Support

Support for Rules is included that allows you to affect the transaction before it is sent to Sage Pay depending on the order conditions.

  • Change 3D secure requirements depending on transaction value
  • Change the vendor name depending on the products ordered


The module offers hooks to alter the transaction data before it is sent to Sage Pay so you have ultimate control of the transaction based on the requirements of your application.

Free e-book

A detailed installation and user guide is available as an ebook

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First preview release at DrupalCamp London during this session.

Registering with SagePay

You will need a Vendor account with SagePay before you can use this module to take payments.