Compass: Commerce Dashboard & Analytics

Compass is my effort to turn Drupal Commerce data into comprehensible information.
Video demo:
You can now use commerce compass without having to patch anything because all the dependencies have been updated
Compass is a highly graphical dashboard with the following features:


  • Interactive HTML5/VML Google Charts with views integration
  • Responsive layout for flawless display on big screen/laptop/tablet/smartphone
  • jQuery Bigtext for infographic-like presentation of texts (like total revenue)
  • Views aggregation support
  • Views aggregation on dates
  • Integrated (date) filters
  • Only show exposed filters form when hovering a widget
  • Order/Cart analytics, Product analytics, Customer analytics
  • Ajax refresh on all blocks including charts
  • In beta1: (Individual) Product sales line chart on admin/commerce/products/pid


Note: In most cases the default currency is automatically formatted with appropriate currency symbol but in some cases the raw numeric data has to be printed and then I added a euro symbol in the "rewrite the ouput of this field" section in views. You will have to update this if you use a different currency.


  • Support more chart types and options (patches are welcome)
  • Auto refreshing dashboard widgets (so that you can use the dash as radiator
  • Combinational charts with google analytics and commerce analytics combined. Any existing google analytics api views-integration is way off from being capable of doing this. Consider doing some charts sans views if GA API doesn't allow for this.
  • Customer life time value estimation as net present value of average customer behavior.
  • Affiliate analytics
  • A/B test reporting?