Commerce Viva Payments

Viva Payments proxypay system integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.


Drupal 7
Drupal Commerce
Drupal Commerce UI
Drupal Commerce Order
Drupal Commerce Payment

Install and Configure

1) Copy the Commerce Viva Payments folder to the modules folder in your installation. Usually this is sites/all/modules. Or use the UI and install it via admin/modules/install.
2) Configure Commerce Viva Payments module via admin/commerce/config/payment-methods. Edit Viva Payments payment method and then fill the appropriate fields and the choose live or test environment.

Configure Viva Payment work environment

The demo work environment can be used for all your development/demonstration requirements. No actual payments or emails are made or sent from this environment. A successful transaction can be simulated with the card number 4111 1111 1111 1111 with any valid date and 111 for the CVV2. All other card numbers will result in a failed transaction. You can create demo accounts from, all that is required is a valid email address.

Creator & Maintainer

Creator and Maintainer is netstudio, a Drupal development services company in Athens, Greece.

Feedback and bug reports

If something is not working as expected, you can contact netstudio at or open an issue at the project's issue queue.

Professional Support

If you need additional features, customization, drupal optimized hosting, usability testing, or full site integration, you can get professional, paid support by netstudio, at by opening support tickets or, for bigger implementations, you can contact netstudio at or by phone at +30 210 8004447.