Commerce Virtex

Virtex is a Canadian BitCoin exchange, who have also launched a payment gateway API that allows merchants to bill in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and receive payment in BitCoin (BTC) at the current rate of exchange.
This is a development module. It works, but it represents a bare-bones implementation of the Virtex API. Use at your own risk!


  • Download and enable the module and its standard prerequisites (Drupal 7,
    Drupal Commerce etc).
  • Navigate to the administrative store settings page for payment methods
  • Edit the 'Checkout using Virtex' method.
  • Edit the action. Set the 'Merchant Key' and 'Secret Key' values, based on
    those in your Virtex account. Save the action.
  • This part is important - Virtex only accepts Canadian Dollars, so you need
    to set your store currency to CAD. This can be done from the store currency
    settings page (admin/commerce/config/currency). You should ensure that any
    products that you added previously are also set to CAD.
  • In your Virtex merchant account, you should set the IPN callback URL.
    Typically the url should be in the form: