Commerce VAT

Commerce VAT module is an improved module for supporting VAT than the Commerce Tax module included in Commerce. If you are using Commerce VAT is is recommended you disable Commerce Tax.

Place of Supply

Compared to Commerce Tax, Commerce VAT introduces a new concept of Place of Supply which is commonly used by countries implementing VAT. A Place of Supply rule is created for each active country. If the conditions pass a rule is called to calculate the rate to be applied from that countries rates.

Rates within a Rate

Each rate can now have multiple rate each with a start date. This allows a "Standard" Rate to be defined but within that have 19% that started on 1st Jan 2000 and 20% that will start on 1st Jan 2020, the change in % calculation will be automatic based on the order date when rules calculates the "Standard" rate.


A rules action is included to calculate the highest rate of tax on an invoice. This can then be used to apply the correct VAT rate to shipping. A default rule is included if you have Commerce Shipping Enabled.

VAT Countries and Rates are defined in the following modules:

Need Sales Tax (or other Tax) as well?

If you need both VAT and Sales Tax or another tax (Hotel Tax etc.) then use the Commerce Tax module but delete the default VAT tax type created by Commerce Tax UI.
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