Commerce UPS

Provides UPS shipping estimates in conjunction with the Commerce Shipping and Commerce Physical modules.
This module requires an active account in order to obtain estimated shipping rates.
Once installed, the merchant's UPS account settings (and other UPS shipping settings) must be configured at admin/commerce/config/shipping/methods/ups/edit. Please refer to the README.txt file for additional information about how this module works and how to get it up-and-running.
This module was designed to provide functionality that serves the majority of simple use cases. Advanced functionality involving multiple package sizes and types, void fills, and other custom-ish stuff will be considered once the simplest case is complete.

Installation and Configuration

Full details are available in the README.txt - be sure to read it before posting a new issue.

  1. Install and enable the module and all dependencies (be sure to use the latest version of everything). Add dimensions and weight fields (new field types via the Commerce Physical module) to all shippable product types. Populate dimensions and weight fields for all products.
  2. You MUST be using the commerce_shipping 2.x branch.
  3. Configure the "Shipping service" checkout pane so that it is on the "Shipping" page. The "Shipping service" checkout pane MUST be on a later page than the "Shipping information" pane. (admin/commerce/config/checkout)
  4. Configure the UPS settings (admin/commerce/config/shipping/methods/ups/edit). You'll need to create UPS account and obtain an access key via
  5. Optionally install and configure the AES encryption module ( This will help keep your UPS credentials secure.


This module was started by Chris Calip and Frank Lakatos after an initial discussion with Ryan Szrama. It was decided to have a code sprint at DrupalCamp Atlanta (10/1/11) in order to get an initial version completed. Ryan, Andrew Riley, and Mike Anello worked with virtual Chris and virtual Frank and ended up with an almost-initial version.