Commerce Tickets

Commerce Tickets allows the site admin to create a Ticket purchase system, it creates a new Product type named Commerce Ticket, and a new Field named Commerce Ticket Field.
The admin needs to create some ticket types, then add the Commerce Ticket Field to the required content type.
The Commerce Ticket Field then needs to be configured to allow a specific number of ticket types to be purchased on the content, and whether the customer needs to enter his/her name along with the ticket, and the text of the "Buy Now" button.
The admin then creates a new content and fills in the ticket types from the tickets he previously created.
When the user views the content, he can see a select with the number of tickets that is required, for every number the Total Cost is updated automatically via ajax.
If the admin chooses to require the customer to enter his name, 2 new fields for First name and Last name appear for each ticket and the user is required to fill them before proceeding to checkout.
Once the user clicks on the "Buy Now" button (or whatever text the admin configured in the field settings), an Order is created with the tickets he selected and the user is redirected to checkout and pay for the tickets using the regular Drupal Commerce checkout and payment pages.
Note for Developers:

The data for the customers are saved in the Order object in the data property ($order->data), It can be used to create a report of the tickets purchased for each content, like a Ship passenger manifest, or a Bus passenger list...etc
This module was developed and sponsored by JesoX