Commerce So Colissimo Flexibility

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This module extends the Drupal Commerce Shipping methods, and implements the
shipping method from La Poste called So Colissimo Flexibility.
Basically it allows you to manage your So Colissimo shipping services. You can configure your personalized shipping rates grid based on order weight for each So Colissimo service. This module is different from the So Colissimo Simplicit module in that it allows for a lot more customization and flexibility of design and inputs.
When the customer places an order, he/she may choose between following shipping services :

  • Home delivery
  • Appointment (FR only)
  • Cityssimo
  • Local store
  • Post office

Cityssimo, Local store and Post office options all use a Google Map integration to select the delivery point.
Learn more about So Colissimo services:
Do not forget to have a look at INSTALL.txt