Commerce Shipping

Commerce Shipping provides a shipping rate calculation system for Drupal Commerce, integrating shipping service selection into both the checkout form and order edit form. This module is a framework that is meant to be used in conjunction with shipping method modules like Commerce Flat Rate, Commerce UPS, and others.
Shipping service availability and rate calculation is handled in the user interface through Rules and is backed up by an API that gives you a high level of flexibility to implement simple or complex shipping scenarios.
Developers and users of this module should use the new and improved Commerce Shipping 2.x version. Sites created using Commerce Shipping 1.x can find notes on what has changed and how to update in the release notes for the Commerce Shipping 2.0 release.
Development sponsored by Reveal IT and Commerce Guys.

Just getting started?

We are still adding to the Commerce Shipping 2.0 user documentation, and there is also a set of screencasts you can watch to learn about the following topics:

If you can't find what you need in the documentation or screencasts, consider searching the issue queues or Commerce Q&A to see if your question has been dealt with. General Rules inquiries should not be posted to this module's issue queue. You can always find help on IRC in the #drupal-commerce channel.

Shipping method modules

These modules have been designed to work with Commerce Shipping 2.x. Some require API credentials to retrieve calculated rates from shipping carriers, like UPS and USPS, while modules like Flat Rate simply let you define shipping services on your site with flat base rates that can be manipulated further through Rules.

If you know of a shipping method module that isn't listed here, please let us know in an issue.

Developer documentation

Documentation for developers can be found in the example module included in the project. It demonstrates how to define a shipping method and how to collect additional information from the user on the checkout form. If you use it as a starting point for your shipping method module, you should copy it to a new folder and rename it so you can continue to update Commerce Shipping 2.x as new releases are created.
The API documentation is currently inline and in commerce_shipping.api.php. We'll be providing a full developer overview as soon as possible.