Commerce Quantum Gateway

Quantum Gateway integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.This module supports credit card payments on the checkout form via the Quantum Gateway XML Requester using the latest Commerce release.

Quantum Gateway through CDG Commerce is a credit card processor with a free gateway (that saves $10-$25 a month). Also because the gateway could support vaulting, and recurring billing at no extra fee it is possible this or other modules may be able to do recurring billing through Quantum Gateway with more development. It would be good to have another credit card processor option that can do recurring billing without having to outsource to 3rd party like reCurly - anyone interested in extending or another module like commerce_quantum_recurring?


Use with caution. Consider this module under development, do not use for production unless you are aware it may have unknown issues and are knowledgeable about supporting development modules. The module is known to be working with single transaction processing on a low volume website that uses Drupal Commerce for customers to pay invoices. The project would benefit by more use and peer review. Please let us know if you are also actively using this module on sites. The feature to provide Card on File payment support using Quantum Gateway's Vault is NOT WORKING YET but under development and so it is not enabled by default.


This module implements Quantum Gateway payment services for use in Drupal Commerce. CDG Commerce is the merchant service that uses Quantum Gateway. If you are setting up a merchant account with CDGcommerce please consider using referral code 2655 to reward open source efforts by the project originator. Links with referral code:


  1. Install the Quantum Gateway module.
  2. Enable the payment method rule titled Quantum XML Requester - Credit Card, Store > Configuration > Payment methods
    and edit its action to use your Quantum Gateway credentials.
  3. You must also choose the processing type: AUTH_CAPTURE or AUTH_ONLY.


  • Card on File not working. Recommend not enabling Card on File support. The moudule has code from commerce_authnet that still needs to be customized for this gateway.
  • AUTH_ONLY processing type for now may require going through login at and manually capturing in report area.


For useful development notes see also the module file REFERENCE.txt
The module has a lot of comments in the code! After development many of the comments may be removed.
If you just want to perform development tests using this module, you can register a test account and set the Transaction mode in your payment method rule configuration to Test transactions with a developer test gateway ID and test keys.
If you would like to contribute to this module feel free to post patches to the queue.
Time, Talent and/or Treasure appreciated. Individuals testing, using and recommending patches helps. And monetary support also helps; consider using referral code 2655 when applying for CDGcommerce account or paypal donations.