Commerce Product Key

This module lets sites implementing the Commerce module, attach product keys to orders. Product keys / Vouchers are strings of text that are used to unlock or activate a piece of software.
Right now we have an entity that can be attached to a product and then assigned via a rule to a product once it has been bought. The required actions and rules events are fleshed out and simply require the wiring up of the rules to meet you scenario.


  • Product Keys are now Entities, field-able and all that goodness
  • Product Keys assigned via rules, we only issue keys via rules this is left for you to set up follow the read me.
  • Further rules
    • disable & enable product keys from a users view
    • assign product keys
    • assign product keys on successful purchase
  • Status: (Active/Disabled) to show/hide product keys from users
  • Remove Association to put key back in pool
  • Add to cart button is disabled when no stock

Road map

This module is lacking some support from commerce to "auto-magically" assign keys to users.... it is pending this BUG/ISSUE please help make some noise there to get this sorted.. Once that has been fixed I will take this module further.

Basic use case

  • Assign product keys to orders & users.
  • Hide/Show product keys to users (manually & via rules)
  • Remove product keys from users & orders via rules and manually. removing a product key from the order and user makes it available to be assigned once again


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