Commerce Printful

Are you looking to sell branded t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, hats, caps, coffee mugs and more on your Drupal site? You've found an easy, low-cost way to do this. All you need to get started is your company logo and a Drupal Commerce shopping cart with a payment gateway of your choice.

This project integrates Drupal Commerce with the Printful drop-shipping and fulfillment provider.

Printful maintains all the inventory and handles all the packaging and shipping. The process is simple and straightforward to upload your company logo and select from thousands of products for your inventory. The Printful API creates product images dynamically, so you don't need to worry about photography.

A card on file with Printful is billed each time an order is placed. The payment gateway receives the payment from the customers and you collect the difference. All your work to set up your store is on the front end as fulfillment is virtually maintenance-free.

The module allows new or existing Drupal Commerce sites to seamlessly integrate their products fulfilled by Printful along with tangible or other product types. The Printful products may be imported using the included UI or drush command.

When checking out, if Printful items are found in the cart, the Printful API is consulted to retrieve shipping costs for the Printful shipping method. Upon completion of an order with Printful items, the API is again contacted to transfer the order information to Printful. You may select to have the orders transferred as drafts or fully automate the fulfillment.

The module is D9-ready.