Commerce Point of Sale (POS)

Commerce Point of Sale is a point-of-sales system built on top of Drupal and Drupal Commerce. It provides an AJAX interface for cashiers to easily add products to a customer's order, as well as remove them, accept payment, and print receipts. This module is the successor to UberPOS, which provided similar functionality for the Ubercart E-Commerce system.


  • Install Drupal 7
  • Install Drupal Commerce, Views, and the Libraries module
  • Download Commerce POS and extract it into your /sites/all/modules/ directory.
  • Download the jqprint plugin, and place jquery.jqprint-0.3.js inside of a folder at sites/all/libraries/jqprint.
  • Enable Commerce POS, and begin using the interface, which is located at admin/commerce/pos.


This module is in an alpha release, meaning that it still has a ways to go before becoming stable. It is not ready for production use yet.

  • Payment integration - accept any valid Commerce Payment method. Complete
  • Modal windows for quickly finding products, customers, or orders. Complete
  • Day-end transaction reports for cashiers and managers. Complete
  • Integrates with Rules and Views. Complete
  • A cash payment method. Complete
  • Card Present transaction support. Coming Soon

Helping out

We need testers. Download the module, try it out, and be sure to report back any bugs you find to the issue queue! If you are a developer or themer, we'd love to hear your feedback on ways we can make your life easier.


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