Commerce Pin

Pin is an all-in-one hosted payment gateway for Australian businesses. Pin is unique in the fact that it doesn't require any merchant account to be setup with a banking institution.
Commerce Pin provides a payment method for the Drupal Commerce platform. Configuration is as simple as:

  • Installing the module.
  • Entering your secret key.
  • Collect payments via your Pin account.

Pin supports token based recurring payments and customers, allowing Commerce sites to shift the responsibility of storing credit cards while still being able to bill its customers. In order to make the module fit in with the broader Commerce ecosystem integrations with the following modules are planned:

If you would like to contribute to the issue queue with any issues you may have that would be great. If you have successfully collected a live payment, I would also like to hear about it. I have only been able to put an order through a test environment.
Development of this module is sponsored by Code Drop.