Commerce Paybox


Paybox integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.

Paybox Service and Paybox Direct (PPPS)

Paybox provides two mecanisms for online payment : Paybox Service and Paybox Direct. Both of this methods are implemented here.

Paybox Service
provides a payment solution on the Paybox server. Customers will be redirected on during the payment process.
Paybox Direct (PPPS) and Paybox Direct Plus
provides a way to achieve payments on-site. This means payments are done on the Drupal site. You really should enable HTTPS on your site if you plane to use this payment method.


General requirements

  • Entity
  • Drupal Commerce :
    • Commerce UI
    • Commerce Payment
    • Commerce Order

Paybox Service specific requirements

  • PHP OpenSSL must be enabled on your server (see documentation for how to enable it).
  • PHP "safe mode" must be disabled to allow the exec function to execute the CGI script.
  • Paybox CGI module installed (see installation section for more details).


  1. Install the Paxbox module.
  2. For Paybox System only :
    • Paybox System payment works with a CGI module. Download it in the download section of the paybox site.
    • Navigate to the admin section of the Paybox module (Store Configuration Paybox System) and set the path to the CGI module.
  3. Enable one or more of the Paybox payment rules (Store Configuration Payment methods).
  4. Edit the enabled Paybox payment rules "Action settings" with your paybox informations (be sure to uncheck "Use Paybox test plateform" on production).


Important : with Paybox Service payment method, the Paybox servers must be able to contact your Drupal installation to notify Drupal Commerce that payment is OK or KO.
If you can't make your installation public, you can call the validation URL yourself for testing purposes:

  • allow your IP (usally or to validate orders (Store Configuration Paybox System)
  • call the URL commerce_paybox/auto?... with the same query ($_GET) Paybox server returns in the return URL at the end of the payment process.


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