Commerce pay with a tweet

Commerce Pay with a tweet extends pay_with_a_tweet module.
Pay_with_a_tweet description:
"Pay with a tweet implements tweet payment feature. This allows the website to
make downloads available to users with a tweet as payment."
- Commerce Pay with a tweet implements commerce payment module to provide
pay with tweet payment on checkout process (payment option list).
- Create specific tweet with tokens
Available tokens: see commerce_product_tokens()
and "site" (
- Commerce Pay with a tweet display the best tweet thanks to "tweet reference"
field on product and product display.
(weight/priority: Product > Product display > default tweet)
- Pay with a tweet (7.x-1.0)
- Drupal Commerce and all of its dependencies
Enable commerce_payment module
- Entity Reference
- Please check that you have a commerce product type (admin/commerce/products/types) and a product display (node type with product reference field - admin/structure/types)
- Enable "Commerce pay with a tweet" module and all dependencies
from modules pages
Home > Administration > Modules (admin/modules)
Configure pay_with_a_tweet module before.
The main Commerce pay with a tweet admin page (not in the same place):
- Commerce kickstart 2:
Home > Administration > Store settings > Advanced store settings > Commerce PWAT
- Drupal commerce framework:
Home > Administration > Store > Configuration > Commerce pay with a tweet
The original module is written by Florian LE BRENN -
This module extends pay_with_a_tweet module
written by Rolando CALDAS SANCHEZ -