This module adds the ability to sell a copy of an existing node as a product.
It provides the ability to sell nodes in a very easy and lightweight manner.

Module structure:

  • A new config field on each node reference field configuration (instances on products only). Adds checkbox Use as Nodecopy reference.
  • A rule that copies the node & optionally sets node owner as order owner.
  • A writeback rule that writes the node's ID back to the line item object.

To configure & use:

  1. Enable this module
  2. Create a node-reference field on a product type
  3. Edit the field preferences and that these referenced should be copied
  4. Duplicate this field on the line item (if you want the node ID of the purchased order to be written back to order)
  5. Create a node, complete with fields & everything else
  6. Create a new product of desired type, set node reference to the newly created node
  7. Wait till someone buys something.

That is basically it.
You may:
- Use as many node reference fields you'd like
- Sell multiple nodes using a single reference field.
Be aware that it copies the exact node (with publish state & everything), so you will in most cases need to publish the node by adding to the rule.
There are basically no configurations. Configuration for handling the nodes in the aftermath of the purchase can be set as fields on the node. Stuff that needs to be added per-purchase can be done in the ruleset after the copy has been created.
Similar modules:
This module is somewhat similar to Commerce Node Checkout, but is a bit more lightweight and has a different approach.
Module development sponsored by Frontkom.