Commerce Moodle Integration

Commerce Moodle Integration integrates Drupal Commerce with Moodle.


Sell Moodle courses through Drupal Commerce.
When the user buys a specific product, he will be automatically enrolled to a course in Moodle.



After configuring Moodle Connector, go to Store --> Configuration --> Commerce Moodle Integration settings to set up which product types will be Moodle courses. Then you can start creating products/courses in Drupal/Moodle.


  • Users of the two systems (Drupal and Moodle) must have exactly the same user name. For this reason, purchases by unauthenticated users are not allowed. See Commerce Checkout Redirect module for redirecting anonymous users to the login/register page when they try to checkout. This module does not do any type of user synchronization between Moodle and Drupal databases.
  • To relate the product to the course, you must use the same value for the product SKU in Drupal and for the course ID number in Moodle.
  • Tested on Moodle 2.3 and 2.4, but should work on other versions too. If you have any issues, check the Recent log messages report (admin/reports/dblog).