Commerce MEPS FPX

Integrates Drupal Commerce with Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS) - Financial Processing Exchange (FPX) payment gateway system.
Created by Leow Kah Thong.

Initial setup

Before using this module, you need to register an account from MEPS FPX. When asked by MEPS FPX for the return URL, provide them http://[yourdomain]/checkout/mepsfpx/indirect


  1. Install Libraries API module.
  2. Download MEPS FPX PHP class from my Github repository.Current supported version for MEPS FPX PHP class is 1.0 only.
  3. Extract to your libraries folder such as sites/all/libraries/ipay88.
  4. Install Commerce MEPS FPX module.
  5. Visit settings page and set your Seller ID provided by MEPS FPX in Store > Configuration > MEPS FPX settings.