My parcel, when and where it suits me.

Kiala delivers parcels to any of over 6,700 convenient collection points throughout Western Europe. You get lowered logistical expenses, greater customer loyalty and the opportunity to attract customers who were previously turned off by delivery constraints

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About Kiala

Introducing Kiala, our latest Commerce Marketplace addition available in France, Benelux and Spain! Kiala delivers parcels to a convenient collection point of your customer’s choosing. Other benefits in addition to faster, more practical delivery include improved tracking and a simpler return process. This service translates into fewer logistical expenses, greater customer loyalty and the opportunity to attract even more customers who were previously turned off by delivery constraints.


Features & Benefits

  • Kiala shipping services allow customers to choose a Kiala pickup point for their order
  • Export order records to Kiala Pack & Ship Desktop App
  • Associate tracking numbers with orders
  • Provides interface for customers to look up their tracking information

Module Components

Locate & Select

The customer chooses the most convenient Kiala Point where they can collect the parcel with an easy-to-use online map.

Pack & Ship

The Pack&Ship order export app allows the merchant to print labels and send an electronic shipment manifest to Kiala with very little effort.

Track & Trace

The Track&Trace service allows you and your customers to obtain information on the physical location of a parcel within the Kiala distribution network with tracking numbers and a handy iFrame.

The Kiala module allows you to leverage all these features in France, Benelux and Spain in an all-in-one solution.

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Get the Module!

The Kiala module is very easy to set up because it’s pre-installed in Kickstart.

Two simple steps to set up your Kiala module in Kickstart once you’ve signed up:

Step 1: Download and set up your Kickstart installation.
Step 2: The Kiala module can be activated after you’ve signed up for Kiala’s service and obtained a key code.


Reduced logistics costs

With Kiala delivering your parcels, expect to see cost reductions of up to 10 percent against your current delivery cost per parcel.

Greater loyalty

Improve customer loyalty by offering them an alternative delivery option that is more flexible and in tune with their active lifestyles.

New customers

With Kiala's delivery system, you also are likely to attract new customers who are not at home during the day and for whom home shopping wasn't attractive before.