Commerce Kiala

Commerce Kiala is a shipping method for Drupal Commerce's shipping system that allowed the customer to select their desired Kiala Point during checkout.

Sponsored by Commerce Guys

Interested in trying out the service? Contact us today via the Marketplace to sign up for a free demo code!

Kiala representatives can also help you get set up and provide cost estimates as needed. Be sure to check out the end user documentation on the Marketplace.


  • Kiala shipping services allow customers to choose a Kiala pickup point for their order
  • Export order records to Kiala Pack & Ship Desktop App
  • Associate tracking numbers with orders
  • Provides interface for customers to look up their tracking information


Optional modules

  • Additional Embedding Types for maps:
    • Colorbox: 7.x-1.3+, Colorbox load setting must be enabled.
    • Lightbox2: 7.x-1.0-beta1+

    Kiala Integrations

    Locate & Select

    The customer chooses the most convenient Kiala Point where they can collect the parcel.

    • L&S Web Service: Kiala Point Search and Details

    Pack & Ship
    The Pack&Ship Desktop allows the merchant to print labels and send electronic shipment manifest to Kiala, with very little effort.

    • P&S Desktop: Order export for Desktop app
    • P&S Desktop: Order export for browser-based app
    • P&S Web Service: Order export in one click from the Kiala plugin - Currently only available in Spain. Available in France and Benelux mid-2013.

    Track & Trace
    The Track&Trace service allows you to use tracking numbers associated with your orders to obtain information on the physical location of a parcel in the Kiala distribution network.

    • T&T HTML: HTML iframe of tracking information
    • T&T Web Service: REST web service providing tracking information in XML format