Commerce Hosted PCI

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HostedPCI allows you to get total protection against a potential credit card breach with a flexible, easy to implement, affordable solution for PCI compliance.
The Commerce module for HostedPCI allows you to configure what type of transactions you will support and allow customer purchases via the iframe which connects to HostedPCI's service, and manage the transactions from the Drupal administration.

About HostedPCI

Having seen first-hand how difficult the task of PCI DSS compliance was in countless eCommerce engagements, HostedPCI was founded in 2009 with a goal of providing true PCI DSS compliance without sacrificing the consumer experience.
Since inception, they have achieved Level 1 PCI Compliance (2 consecutive audit years). PCI Audits are challenging to say the least. Their team works hard each day to maintain what they refer to as continuous, ongoing compliance. Their systems are designed specially to secure credit card data while considering all aspects of PCI DSS, all of the time.
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Module Features

  • Seamless integration using iFrame ensures no redirect (no URL change), so customer stays within the merchant?s control
  • Authorize/Sales/Capture/Void/Refund functionality means a robust set of payment management solutions for the merchant
  • Card on File functionality allows customer to save the credit card token, making it easier to make sales for the merchant
  • Easy to implement, simple configuration of the module which is already included in Kickstart