Commerce Google Merchant Integration

This module allows Drupal Commerce based sites to submit their products to Google Merchant

To use the module follow these steps:

  • Download the module and extract it on your live site in the sites/all/modules directory
  • Enable the module and set the administer google merchant integration permission to your store admin
  • Navigate to admin/commerce/settings/commerce_gmerchant/configure and enter your Google Merchant account details
  • Create a new content type and add a product reference field to it, the Navigate to admin/commerce/settings/commerce_gmerchant/configure-content-types and select the content type you just created.
  • Try adding a new content from the content type you just created, or editing an existing one, You will see that a new section is added to the add/edit form called Google Merchant Integration
  • Choose "Submit this product to Google Merchant.
  • Enter the product name (this is the name that will be published on Google Merchant).
  • Google recommends that you choose a category that your product will be listed under, from Google Merchant product categories
  • Enter the category you choose as a hierarchy tree under the product type field, for example enter: "Business & Industrial > Medical > Medical Supplies", for a medical product...etc.
  • Enter the product description that will appear on Google Merchant (this field must be all text and no html)
  • Enter the brand and model no (gtin/sku/UPC) of the product.
  • Choose the condition of the product, either new, used or refurbished
  • Choose the accepted payment methods for your product (it will appear under the I accept section on Google Base)
  • Upload an image to your server and enter it's URL in the Image URL field.
  • Upload any additional images you want (The module supports up to 4 images) and enter their URLs in the additional Image URL fields.
  • Enter the price for the item as its a required field on Google Merchant, otherwise your product might be disapproved

You can find more information on Google Merchant help center
This module was developed and sponsored by JesoX & The Worx Company