Commerce GC

Commerce GC stands for "Commerce Gift Card." This module provides the ability to purchase, spend and track the balance of giftcards.
Commerce GC depends on Commerce Coupons 2.x. Giftcards are coupon entities, and customers may enter giftcards at checkout using the common Coupons checkout pane interface.


Commerce GC
This is the core module, and it provides:

  • Giftcard coupon type
  • Ability to spend giftcards at checkout
  • Support for using giftcards through order admin backend
  • Pages for users to view their giftcard balance and transaction
  • Rules condition support on giftcards, similar to how Commerce Discounts works

Commerce GC Product
This module provides the ability for people to buy giftcards as products. Features:

  • Product type and default line item type for purchasing giftcards.
  • Customers may purchase giftcards for themselves or for others.
  • Support for purchasing giftcards for customers from the order backend