Commerce Funds

Commerce Funds implements a Site Funds Management System using Drupal Commerce, It integrates features like Deposit Funds, Withdraw Funds, Transfer Funds..etc, which makes implementing most features of a Money site like Paypal or Skrill possible and easy using Drupal.
Commerce Funds provides the Site Users with the following functionalities:

  • Users can Deposit Funds to their account using any Payment method available on the Site.
  • Users can Transfer Funds to other user accounts using their Email.
  • An Escrow payment system where users can create Escrow Payments, and release it later in due time.
  • Users can setup Withdrawal methods (Currently supports: Paypal, Skrill, Check and Bank Account).
  • Users can submit Withdrawal requests, to be processed later by the site admins in due time.
  • Users can View all Transactions, Withdrawal Requests, and Manage outgoing and Incoming Escrow payments.
  • The module provides a User Balance block which can be placed so users know what their current balance is.
  • The module provides an Operations block which has all the action links the user needs to Manage his account

Commerce Funds provides the Site Administrators with the following functionalities:

  • Configure and Enable or Disable Withdrawal Methods
  • Manage Fees for all Operations Including:
    • Deposits for each enabled Payment Method (Both Percentage and Fixed Fees).
    • Withdrawals for each enabled Withdrawal Method (Both Percentage and Fixed Fees).
    • Escrow Payments.
    • Transfer Operations.
  • Manage Withdrawal Requests and Approve or Decline each request.
  • View and Search all Site Transactions.

Commerce Funds provides a submodule named Commerce Funds Payment, that implements an Account Funds payment method where users can pay for On-Site Products and Services using their Account Funds Balance.
Supports Views Integration for transactions, so various reports can be made using Views.
Future development on this module will support external payments, and automatic withdrawals and many more features.
This module was developed and sponsored by JesoX