Commerce First Data

This module adds support for First Data Global Gateways as a payment method for Drupal Commerce. This module currently supports PreAuthorization, PreAuthorization & Capture, and PostAuthorization transactions.


  • Install the First Data module.
  • Then enable the Rule for First Data via Store > Configuration > Payment settings and edit the enabling action to use your First Data store credentials, as well as configure any additional settings.
  • This module allows for authorization + capture during checkout and authorization only during checkout with manual prior authorization capture after the fact. Capture amounts must be less than or equal to the amount authorized.

Stable Release

I will put out a stable release of this module once it receives more usage. I have not personally used this on a live store, so I'd rather have the community do proper testing with it before I give it a 1.0 release. Please, if you run into any issues with the module, create an issue in the queue so I can take care of it.

Future Development

Fraud Detection

The Ubercart version of the module implements Fraud detection via AVS and CVV card checks. Implementing these checks into the module complicated the code greatly, and will not be brought into this version. However, First Data recently released a serviced called Fraud FlexDetect, which is an elaborate Fraud detection system on their end that includes AVS/CVV checks.