Commerce Fees

Add fixed fees to your orders in Drupal Commerce.
You can configure rules to trigger a fee addition to a given order, examples of this are adding a shipping fee if the delivery is overseas or charge extra for cash on delivery payment method.
Commerce fees will add a new line item to the order with the arbitrary amount configured.

  1. Place this module directory in your "modules" folder (this will usually be "sites/all/modules/").
    Don't install your module in Drupal core's "modules" folder, since that will cause problems and is bad practice in general.
    If "sites/all/modules" doesn't exist yet, just create it.
  2. Enable the module.
  3. Visit "admin/commerce/config/fees" to learn about the various settings.


  1. Go to admin/commerce/config/fees and add a new fee type
  2. Add a rule at admin/config/workflow/rules
    • Event: "Apply a fee to a given order".
    • Set the conditions.
    • Action: "Apply a fee to an order".
      • Entity data selector: "commerce-order".
      • Fee: Your fee type.
      • Set amounts, currency and taxes as necessary.

Notice: if using fees based on payment type, be sure to move the payment type pane to a screen before the review pane on admin/commerce/config/checkout so that customers can see the fee before accepting.