Commerce Fat Zebra

This module adds the Australian payment gateway Fat Zebra as a payment method for Drupal Commerce.
This module is sponsored by ONQ and Fat Zebra.


  • Ensure cURL is installed
  • Download the FatZebra PHP Library into sites/all/libraries/fatzebra_php or
  • Enable the Commerce Fat Zebra module and its dependencies
  • Enable the payment method under Store > Configuration > Payment methods
  • Edit the Payment method's action to configure payment settings, and to set username/token if you have a Fat Zebra account
  • Ensure your Default store currency is AUD under Store > Configuration > Currency settings. The Commerce Fat Zebra payment method will not show for non-AUD currency orders.


Nothing further is required to fully test the module against the sandbox environment (module defaults to test credentials), however you will not have access to the Fat Zebra dashboard to see transaction summaries.
See for test credit card numbers.
If you'd like to get a Fat Zebra account you can sign up for free to get started.

Planned features

  • Support for Fat Zebra card tokenization using Commerce Card on File to allow users to make additional purchases without having to re-enter card data
  • Support for refunds
  • Support for recurring payments