Commerce Express Checkout

This module integrates with the Product reference field and adds a new widget that allows the user to put an Express Checkout button.
The Express Checkout button redirects to the Checkout page directly, without going to the Cart first, It also removes the Review page and adds the Payment checkout pane to the Checkout page, so the whole checkout process is done on one page.
The Commerce Express Checkout module also provides a very cool functionality, It gives the user the ability to generate Express Checkout buttons for any Commerce Product on the site, these checkout buttons can be used on any part of the site, without the need to add a product reference field, this functionality can be found under admin/commerce/products/express-checkout-links.
It's not just that!, you can also place these buttons on any external site (same like Paypal buttons) and once the users click on them they will be redirected to your site and moved to checkout directly, where they can pay using any payment method provided by Drupal Commerce.
This module was developed and sponsored by JesoX