Commerce dressing room


Commerce dressing room lets you use your webcam and hand gestures to try on clothes.

  • Resize product with your hand (Left: - / Right: +)
  • Buy specific variation of a product thanks to "Buy this product" button

Built with Media Capture, Streams and HTML5 [getusermedia()].


  • Recent WebKit Browser (Google Chrome)
  • A HTML5 Theme



  • Please check that you have a commerce product type (admin/commerce/products/types) and a product display (node type with product reference field - admin/structure/types)
  • Enable "Commerce dressing room" module and all dependencies from modules pages [Home > Administration > Modules (admin/modules)]


  1. Please change Jquery version on jquery update config page: 1.8 (admin/config/development/jquery_update)
  2. To see "Open virtual dressing room" button on your products display (node), you have to add two or more images thanks to "Commerce dressing room image" field (on commerce product).


  • Add a Product display (node): Drupal T-shirt
  • Add 2 product variations (commerce product):
    • Green T-shirt > Commerce dressing room image field: select commerce_dressing_room/img/tshirt-drupal-vert.png
    • Purple T-shirt >Commerce dressing room image field: select commerce_dressing_room/img/tshirt-drupal-violet.png
  • Go to your Drupal t-shirt (front) and click on "Open virtual dressing room"
  • Use virtual dressing room


The original module is written by Florian LE BRENN -
(florian.lebrenn [at] gmail [dot] com).
This module has been inspired by this project:
Currently, this module use
Current maintainers:
Florian LE BRENN -