Commerce CyberSource

CyberSource integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system. Currently supports credit card payments on the checkout form via the SOAP API Toolkit using the latest Commerce beta version as of April 23, 2011.
Sponsored by Commerce Guys.


CyberSource's SOAP API Toolkit requires PHP to be configured with SOAP, libxml, and openssl enabled. More information can be found in their documentation.

  • Install the CyberSource module.
  • Then enable the Rule for CyberSource SOAP API - CC via Store > Configuration > Payment settings and edit the enabling action to use your CyberSource API credentials.
  • This is not ready for production use, so keep it in developer or test mode, yo.

Development notes

This project is being developed as a proof-of-concept Drupal Commerce integration for credit card payment services. This means the development of this module will affect the development of the core Commerce Payment module and vice versa. As such, if you're following along, please be flexible. Feel free to provide feedback and bug reports, but know that some things aren't working because they just might not be possible in Commerce Payment yet. : )