Commerce CyberSource Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile

Integrate Cybersource Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile into Drupal Commerce as a payment gateway.
CyberSource Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile allows businesses to accept payments made online, over the phone, and through mobile devices without ever handling toxic payment data, significantly reducing PCI DSS scope. It includes many additional benefits that reduce the burden and complexity of payment acceptance for IT departments and improves the checkout process for consumers.


  • Accept customer payments made online and from mobile devices without handling sensitive payment information with new Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile.
  • Resistant against man-in-the-middle attacks; data sent from Commerce to CyberSource is signed with SHA-256 bit hashes to help detect tampering.
  • Maintain your branding on the CyberSource-hosted checkout page through separate configuration in your CyberSource merchant account profile.
  • Compliant with ADA guidelines.
  • Mobile device support.

Merchant defined data

API requests to CyberSource include metadata for helping identify transactions processed by this module.

  • merchant_defined_data5: The site name from the site information global configuration form.
  • merchant_defined_data6: Anonymous or Authenticated user status
  • merchant_defined_data7: Drupal version
  • merchant_defined_data8: Install profile name and version
  • merchant_defined_data9: Module name and version

Release schedule

The schedule attempts to outline supported features in the API and which would be available in a particular release. The features may be released out of order. By downloading and using point releases, you will likely avoid having issues with interim updates having parse errors and major breakage.

  • 7.x-0.5: implement CyberSource API reply handler
  • 7.x-0.6: submit item information to CyberSource SA
  • 7.x-0.7: bugfixes
  • 7.x-0.8: separate handling of taxes calculated with Avatax and Exactor
  • 7.x-0.9: support unauthenticated user checkout
  • 7.x-1.0: misc wrap-up leftovers
  • 7.x-x.0: Update billing and/or shipping profiles based on information submitted through the CyberSource hosted checkout form
  • 7.x-x.0: Support payment tokens; update tokens and subscriptions. Some of the token functionality is already written to integrate with Commerce Card on File, but it is hidden from end-users, and needs to be finished and tested by someone who has access to a CyberSource account with Recurring Billing or Secure Storage service enabled.
  • 7.x-x.0: hook item type codes into product information for sending additional item metadata to CyberSource.