Commerce Colissimo


Provide a shipping method based on French national postal service "La poste" Colissimo parcel service.
Note that it does not provide "So Colissimo" shipping solution, only standard Colissimo.

Colissimo module vs Rules integration

You can easily do what this modules does with Rules only, but you'll need a lot of rules to handle the different rates table, and it can get very complex if you want to add the different "Recommendation" levels, taxes, parcels weight, etc ....


- Integrate with Commerce Shipping 2.x as a Shipping method
- The rates tables can be provided through hook_commerce_colissimo_rates_table_info().
- Flexible "Recommendation" system : either force the recommendation value for all your shipping for a given shipping service, or let the system select the most adequate based on the total amount of your order
- Each service specify if the prices of the rate table are tax inclusive or not, and the currency
- "Smart calculation" options :
If an order is over the weight limit for a parcel, the system will take the rate for the heaviest parcel available
__Smart weight calculation__
Colissimo only ships parcels less than 30kg, if selected, this option will automatically split the total order into parcels of 30kg + an extra parcel for the remaining goods. The "Recommendation" will be selected proportionally to the total weight of the order and the weight of each parcel.
For example : an order weights 70kg for 1900?
- Weight : 70/30 = 2,33 parcels : it makes 2 parcels of 30kg and 1 parcel of 10kg
- Parcels value :

  • 2*30kg parcel at 1900? * 30 / 70? = 814? (it will use the maximum recommendation level of 800?)
  • 10kg parcel at 1900? * 10 / 70 = 271? (it will use the recommendation level of 400?)


The module requires the following dependencies :
- Commerce Shipping 2.x
- Physical Fields
- Commerce Physical Product

Rates table

- Included submodule commerce_colissimo_public_rates_11 : Colissimo public prices rate table for "Recommand" parcels (VAT inclusive)
- Included submodule commerce_colissimo_entreprise_rates_11 : "Offre Colissimo Entreprise" Affranchissement en ligne (VAT exclusive). Note that all the rates don't take into account any "options" from la poste "Pro" rates.
Note that you can define your own rates table through hook_commerce_colissimo_rates_table_info().

Current limitation

- Physical product weight field should be in "Kg" only