Commerce Booking

This module provides tools to use Drupal Commerce as a powerful event booking system. Any entity can be an 'event' and a single booking can contain any number of tickets.

Configuration and Usage

  • Go to /admin/structure/content_types to add the 'commerce_booking' field to one of your site's content types. This turns the content type into an event.
  • The booking process makes extensive use of the Commerce Checkout System and if you also have a Commerce Shop on your site it is reccommended that you install a module that will allow you to have multiple checkout processes (There is a patch against the commerce_order_types module available for this).

Commerce Booking Flexible Pricing

This module provides the ability to have complex pricing structures for your events. Using a combination of a date field, rules and a multiple valued price field, you can add ticket-classes (for example, under 5's or concessions) and booking windows (for example, Early-bird tickets).


  • Once commerce_booking is installed active the commerce booking flexible pricing module.
  • Ensure the price field on your event entity is set to 'Unlimited' cardinality.
  • Ensure the price field on your event entity has the widget set as the flexible pricing widget.


  • Go to 'admin/commerce_booking/ticket_classes' to add ticket classes. Ticket classes are rules condition sets that can use any information on the ticket entity to decided whether or not a ticket fits into a particular class.
  • Booking windows can be added on an event by event basis.
  • Once the Booking Windows and Ticket Classes have been configured you can enter a price for every ticket class and booking window combination in the table provided.


This module has been generated by developers of the Party module. To get the best results from your drupal booking system we recommend you install Party and the Party Commerce Booking integration module. (Alternatively, install Partyopoly)