Commerce Bitcoin

A bitcoin payment method and currency for Commerce.
(Could be used for other Coin systems such as Litecoin, this module uses the standard Bitcoin JSON interface which also works with Litecoin)
Enables Bitcoin payment and provides the user with an automatically generated Bitcoin address to pay into when they complete their order.
This module adds a new BTC currency to your payments, it communicates with the configured bitcoind server (Could be your locate bitcoind, mtgox, etc)
To configure/install

  • Install module
  • Enable the BTC currency admin/commerce/config/currency
  • Configure the connection settings admin/commerce/config/payment-methods
  • Click on "Bitcoin payment gateway"
  • Click "Edit" on the "Operations" area for "Enable payment method: Bitcoin payment gateway"

Bitcoin interface/daemon 0.7.0 and above recommended.
Requires JSONRPCPHP Library, recommended version

mkdir sites/all/libraries<br>cd sites/all/libraries<br>git clone[/codefilter_code]