Commerce Be2Bill

Be2Bill integration for Drupal Commerce.
Sponsored by Commerce Guys

Why Be2Bill?

  • No monthly subscription
  • 100% of your card payments pro-actively managed at half the cost of e-wallets
  • State-of-the-art fraud prevention with adaptive 3DS implementation and proactive chargeback management
  • 100% Merchant customizable payment page (no need to host sensitive card payment information on your servers)
  • No need to change banks; all payments are automatically transferred to your current company bank account the next day
  • Benefit from expert advice on conversion rate optimization from your dedicated account manager expert in e-commerce
  • Easily access a web friendly back-office tool and manage all your transactions, including financial reports, which can be tailor made to fit your ERP software.
  • Highest level PCI-DSS certified

Choosing Be2Bill means making sure all your traffic acquisition and conversion optimization investments are leveraged to increase your revenue when it matters most: the payment stage.

How the Be2Bill module works

Set up your module in 3 simple steps!

Get the module

Download the module from this page and install it on your Kickstart instance by putting it in the /modules directory.

Enable the module

In the Administration menu ?Site Settings?. Simply search for ?Be2Bill? in the ?Modules? section and click Enable!

Configure the module

Enter your Be2Bill account identifier and password to connect your ecommerce site to the service, then modify settings as desired.
Note: You might want to have a look at #1892340: Be2Bill configuration on the portal

Feature Benefits

  • Easy to sign up and set up!
  • Includes features like selective 3D Secure, refunding, and card on file!
  • Be2Bill payment processing page can be themed along with your Kickstart or Drupal Commerce instance to provide a seamless integration of payment for your user experience

Get Started!

Contact a Be2Bill representative today to sign up!