Commerce Auriga

Provides payment integration with Auriga ePayment using Drupal Commerce.
Auriga provides several different payment options, such as credit cards and bank transfers. However, this module only supports credit card transactions at this time.


  1. Configure the payment method rule, using your Merchant ID and the Secret that Auriga provided you with.
  2. Done.


In the same rule, there are options for testing. You will have to provide another Secret thats intended for testing, and a custom amount that you want to send to Auriga. The amount is used to test different response codes.
More information about testing is available in the Auriga manual.


  • The testing area still seems a bit buggy. Sometimes you might get error codes even though everything is working fine in live mode. It's still unclear if this is related to Auriga or this module.
  • Of course, any ideas or initiative to improvements are more than welcome.

Module development is sponsored by Odd Hill