Powering transactional services worldwide

Sips by Worldline is the Europe’s leading multi-channel payment gateway, used by more than 45,000 e-merchants of all sizes and across all business segments.
Sips is a comprehensive solution with benefits for both merchants and customers thanks to its various features and its ability to adapt to all needs and local habits.


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1. Choose Your Bank and Sign Up

The sign up process is managed via your bank of choice which contacts the Sips services to finalize the sign up process. The banks which are compatible with this module are:

La Poste, HSBC, Société Générale, LCL, Crédit Agricole, Crédit du Nord, Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne, BNP Paribas, Rabobank

2. Download and Install Your Module

Click the blue button below to download the latest version of the module and install it on your site.

3. Configure Your Module

Enable  your module via the configuration control panel. At the end of the sign up process you will be provided with credentials necessary to connect your account to your site. You will be able to configure the module with these credentials:
Merchant ID
Secret Key
Secret Version

Running into a problem? Let us know at:

You should be all set to start taking payments with Atos Worldline!

Sips features:

  • Cross-channel payment platform
  • Customizable payment pages for a better customer purchasing experience  
  • 50+ payment types to adapt to local habits and to reach international markets
  • Multiple collection methods to adapt to all situations
  • Merchant wallet so as to speed up the purchasing process and increase the conversion rate
  • Multiple currencies, languages and acquirers for your international activity
  • Anti-fraud tools including a scoring module which lets you reduce the losses on your web shop
  • Reporting tool to follow and control your activity
  • Transaction management tool to easily control all your transactions
  • A high quality support service 

You can choose one of the two offers above and benefit from a large range of features that will help you develop your activity.

How to start with Sips by Worldline?

Sips is a payment acceptance solution that needs to be linked with a bank/an acquirer : to use Sips by Worldline, you must besides ask for an acquiring contract that will allow you to sell online.

If you want to know more about our acquirers connection, please contact our customer support service :

Our partners include :

  • In France : BNP Paribas (Mercanet), Société Générale (Sogenactif), Crédit du Nord (Webaffaires), HSBC CCF (Elysnet), LCL (Sherlocks), La Banque Postale (Scelliusnet), Arkéa (Citelis), Banque Accord…
  • Belgium : Worldline, KBC…
  • Netherlands : Rabobank (Omnikassa)…
  • UK : RBS…
  • Etc.

To have a complete list of acquiring partners, please ask our teams!