Commerce Atos

Commerce Atos payment method module.

Version 1.x :

Should work with the following banks :
- Crdit Agricole (e-transactions)
- Banque Populaire (CyberPlus)
- BNP Paribas (Mercanet)
- La Poste (Scellius)
- LCL (Sherlocks)
- HSBC (Elysnet)
- Socit Gnrale (Sogenactif)
- Crdit du Nord (Webaffaires)

Requirements :

The atos library, you can download it here :
In production mode, the certif file.

Configuration :

Once installed, you must configure the path of the atos binaries in the payment methods settings area (Store => Configuration => Payments methods => Credit Card => Enable payment method Credit Card).
e.g (for the bin path) => full server side path to your bin path
e.g (for the param path) => full server side path to your param path
Path to the logo directory :
a path accessible via your browser, this is the bank logo images directory, e.g => sites/default/files/atos/logo

Notes :

- The bin path must not exceed 77 characters.
- The module is not yet compatible with windows (See #1717258: Windows support
- Other known issues (See #1736560: Request call error: request executable file not found

Next steps for a stable release

- Document the module, See #1778074: Add documentation

- Get more feedbacks, See #1658146: Feedbacks

- Add windows support, (See #1717258: Windows support

Version 2.x :

This module is an off-site payment solution and is builded into two sub modules to allow to react on differents features.

  • Direct payment, allow to capture the amount when the customer completes the checkout process.
  • Authorization only, allow transactions to be captured later. The capture will be automated after several days (This period can be setted through the admin).


  • Instalment. This payment method allow the customer to pay in several times.