Commerce Alphabank Redirect

Redirection payment for Drupal Commerce and Alphabank (Greece).
By using redirection payments your clients get redirect to the bank and fill in their credit card data there. No information is stored at the Drupal side. This ensures security and it costs less because there is no need for certificates on your server.
This module depends on in order to work correctly.
All it does is add functionality to commerce_static_checkout_url specific to Alphabank.
Upon installation check out admin/commerce/config/static_checkout_url for the links you should provide to the bank for proper communication with your Commerce site.

Status & Development

Beta1 is fully functional and will work with the latest version of commerce_static_checkout_url.
This code is live from March 2012 on a greek commerce site, so we expect little bugs to be found.
Work is being done for better functionality in multilingual sites.
If no issues arrive by the end of the year we will go for final release.
Alphabank has granted us with a development account and a demo-creditcart that are valid for 10 days only. So development and issues might not be solvable before they extend this test account for us. For this reason, Alphabank will get higher (compared to other projects) priority in solving the issues when we have access and lower when we wait for them to grant us access.


This module is developed by and SRM.The developers can create modules for other banks on demand.
This can be done for any bank that uses the redirection method.