Commerce Affiliate

Manage your affiliations with ease!

Commerce Affiliate is a part of the Affiliate-NG module suite which provides Affiliate URL handling, clicks, campaigns and reporting. Using this module will help you to earn commissions as an affiliate within Drupal Commerce and Commerce Kickstart sites.

A worthy extension of Affiliate-NG module!

Commerce Affiliate extends the Affiliate-NG module by allowing affiliates to earn commissions (relying on Drupal Commerce for price and currency handling). There can be multiple commission types, each specifying the entity type of the parent entity, and allowing additional fields to be attached.

Suborder module allows more customization

Included in the package is the "Commerce Affiliate Order" submodule, which provides commission types, views, rules and other functionality for commissions on Drupal Commerce orders. Allowing per-order and per-product commissioning functionality out of the box.