Commerce 4B

Implements the Spanish 4B payment service for use with Drupal Commerce.
Full list of supported banks at


  • Enable the module and configure the payment rule at admin/commerce/config/payment-methods
  • Enter the store code ("Clave de comercio") you received by the bank.
  • Deactivate the payment rule setting "Use testing platform" when going live.

4B Service configuration

You need to configure the payment service at the website 4B. After signing up for the payment service from 4B, you will be given:

  • Nombre de commercio
  • Clave de comercio (store code)
  • Clave de usuario y contrasea (username and password)

Login at, enter the username and the password, click "Configuracin"
in the menu at the left, and enter the following URLs, replacing YOURDOMAINNAME

  • URL que devuelve el desglose de la compra: YOURDOMAINNAME/commerce_4b/checkout_details
  • URL que graba el resultado en la BD del comercio (TRANSACCIONES AUTORIZADAS): YOURDOMAINNAME/commerce_4b/payment_response
  • URL que graba el resultado en la BD del comercio (TRANSACCIONES DENEGADAS): YOURDOMAINNAME/commerce_4b/payment_response
  • URL de continuacin posterior a la pgina de recibo: YOURDOMAINNAME/commerce_4b/return
  • URL de recibo (TRANSACCIN AUTORIZADA): YOURDOMAINNAME/commerce_4b/payment_response
  • URL de recibo (TRANSACCIN DENEGADA): YOURDOMAINNAME/commerce_4b/payment_response


Based on the UC_4B and Commerce payment 4b modules.