Personalized Marketing for Drupal Commerce

Automatr is a powerful marketing automation platform for Drupal Commerce that allows you to personalize your customer's marketing experience on the fly using the tools you already know: Drupal Admin, Webforms, Rules, Tokens, Email, and Social Media.

Website personalization, email, and social marketing capabilities directly into Drupal's admin interfaces.

Volacci Automatr is a powerful marketing automation suite for Drupal Commerce integrating email, social marketing, and targeted engagement capabilities directly into Drupal's admin interfaces.
Automatr Brings the Power of Personalization to Drupal Commerce
Automatr reveals logged-in and anonymous visitors' "Digital Activity Stream": 
   * page views, 
   * time on page and site, 
   * demographics, 
   * email opens, 
   * url clicks, 
   * visit frequency,
   * conversion rate,
and much more. Use any combination of collected data to create auto-populating market segments. Great for targeting, reporting, and analytics.
Automate Customer Engagement
Increase sales and build better customer relationships using email, social, and dynamic site content.
Easy-to-use tools allow you to set up automated marketing campaigns that engage with increased efficiency.
Marketing Done the Drupal Way
Supercharge your Drupal Commerce solutions using development methods you've already learned. Not only is Automatr's API included at no extra charge, but we've integrated it with Drupal's Rules, Actions, Tokens, and Webform modules with more to come.
   * Integration with Drupal Commerce admin screen accelerates management and saves time.
   * Advanced dynamic customer interactions using Drupal Rules, Tokens, and Actions
   * Prepopulate webforms with Automatr customer data to increase conversion rates
   * Keep Drupal's webforms! Automatr does not require iframed forms.
   * Built-in Enterprise-class email marketing system
   * WYSIWYG editor and templates make emails easy to customize and send
   * Activity Stream gives data-driven insight into each website visitor
   * Segmenting keeps you focused on your most valuable customers
   * Campaign Templates for Quick Deployments
   * Extensive Support website and live or online training to get you started
   * RESTful API included with all plans