Installation profiles

A major goal of the project has been to enable site builders and developers to create installation profiles that pre-configure Drupal Commerce for a variety of use cases. We would love to see a whole collection of Drupal Commerce distributions available to help new users get started. This is especially important given the complexity of the project and the decision to remove as much non-essential code from core as possible.

This section of the handbook will be devoted to resources to assist you in creating these profiles. It will also serve as a directory of available installation profiles, highlighting those hosted on and elsewhere that are packaged into full-blown distributions.

For now, the following list of resources must suffice:

  • Commerce Kickstart - an installation profile that performs default installation and configuration of the Commerce modules so a site builder can get right to work.
  • Commerce Dev - a developer oriented installation profile that enables modules and prepares some dummy products and displays for quick testing